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Recovery is a pathway to peace, purpose, and connection.

Want to know more about Frances Stone?

Frances Stone is a Canadian Certified Addiction Counsellor who throughout her career in mental health and addiction has worked in radio, rehabilitation, and addiction treatment centres for men & women with substance misuse disorder and mental illness. Frances Stone is the Founder & Executive Director of the Family Recovery Society of Canada, a non-profit organization that serves families in recovery from addiction connect with support, hope and healing. She proudly serves as a Committee Member for Riverview Public Advisory Group with First Nation and B.C. Housing. Frances is currently working on her memoir, The Book of Tears 
her personal story of recovery from addiction, mental illness, and intergenerational trauma. She identifies as a Metis woman and mother in long-term recovery from addiction and mental illness with a Bipolar 2 mental health diagnosis. Her hope is to utilize her lived education & experience to help others that are struggling to achieve and maintain sobriety and mental wellness.

Addiction Perspective

Addiction is physical, emotional, mental and spiritual in nature. It is experiencing a craving, loss of control, compulsion and consequences. It is a complex & individual medical issue, not a moral failing. Addiction is continuing to use any substance or behaviour in a compulsive manner despite experiencing harmful consequences in your life. You can be equally addicted to substances such as alcohol, drugs, pills, and nicotine as well as foods such as fat, oil and sugar. Behaviours such as shopping, codependent relationships, sex, work, anger, gaming, gambling, watching television and online streaming services can also be a form of addiction. What is different, is whether the consequences are mild or severe. Once you remove the physical dependency, the feeling and the thinking process are the same. That is why people will often replace one substance or behaviour with another, unable to find lasting peace, stability and recovery. Harm reduction in many forms is the reality of “the progress, not perfection” mantra of the recovery process. But where there is life – there is hope. If we don’t give up, we do recover. 


Kind Words

"Frances is an intelligent, inspiring, and empathetic counsellor. Between her education, life experience, and passion for her work, Frances is firmly grounded in her craft and committed to her clients."

 Sarah Adelsen-Lipsett, MA, RTC, MTC, Creative Climate Counselling

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Mental Illness Perspective

According to the American Psychiatric Association, mental illnesses are health conditions involving changes in emotion (mood), thinking or behaviour. Mental illness can be mild or severe. Common mental illnesses are Schizophrenia, Borderline Personality Disorder, Biploar Disorder 1 & 2, Anxiety Disorders, Depression Disorders, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Eating Disorders. Receiving a mental health diagnosis is not negative or positive information, it is simply information. The intention of a diagnosis is to move forward in the direction of how to best manage and support mental health. Medication, support, education, mindfulness activities as well as sleep hygiene, healthy diet and regular exercise can all be necessary components of an Individual Recovery Plan (IRP).

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Mental Health & Addiction Masterclass

Join Frances Stone for a FREE Weekly Mental Health & Addiction Conversation  – This weekly LIVE class is designed to share Frances’ experience & education to empower people about common challenges and supportive solutions when navigating recovery from addiction and mental health issues.

Topics will include Signs of Mental Health Breakdown and Supporting Yourself in Times of Anxiety, Depression, Stress, and Overall Mental Health Management. We will discuss Tips & Tricks about Grief & Loss, Recovery Management, Relapse Prevention, Codependency, Emotional Regulation, Creating Healthy Relationships in Recovery, Finding Your Purpose & Passion in Recovery, Preventing Burnout, Workaholism, Money Recovery, SMART Goal Setting, Healthy Habits & Addiction Recovery, Dating in Recovery, The Creative Process in Recovery, Spiritual Tools of Recovery, Perfectionism, Value-Driven Parenting, Co-Parenting, Self-Esteem, Self-Love, Self-Care & Spirituality. Resources discussed will include how to create an Individual Recovery Plan (IRP), Recovery Capital, Stages of Change as well as helpful DBT & CBT tools for Effective Recovery Management. Guests will include interviews with inspiring authors, musicians, and leaders in the mental health and addiction field. This meeting will be recorded of the host (Frances Stone) video portion only and available on YouTube in a future podcast.

There will also be a Q&A portion of this recording. To submit a question for consideration, please subscribe to the email list, read the article provided and respond to the email with your question. Please include your name or if you prefer to remain anonymous. Thank you.


The Book of Tears - My Story of Healing

The Book of Tears is the inspirational true story of how one mother recovered from addiction, mental illness, and poverty to become the founder of a Canadian non-profit organization with a mission to help the whole family recover from substance misuse and intergenerational trauma, Family Recovery Society of Canada.

TWC Grief and Loss Group

 A free bi-weekly open grief and loss group, using your peers, support, and education to help you along your journey further. Grief and loss is an individual process and can be experienced due to death, divorce, faith, finances, and health-related issues such as COVID-19. The meetings are open to anyone, and there is no cost to attend. The group will gather virtually via Zoom in the near future. Each week the group will focus on a different theme and share coping skills and strategies for the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual impacts of grief and loss. Those who wish to participate in the groups are required to complete an intake assessment to assess their needs.

We want all participants to feel supported in a safe space to move at their own pace through their individual grief process towards the hope of recovery.


Family Recovery Society of Canada

Family Recovery Society is a non-profit organization that supports parents on their pathway to recovery from addiction. We offer free weekly support meetings, monthly events, leadership opportunities, education, and resources that help build strong, empowered families. We believe that supporting and connecting parents is the best way to build long-term, sustainable recovery for families. The work we do in Family Recovery Society is helping break intergenerational trauma patterns by creating opportunities for connection, education, and empowerment for the mothers, fathers and children in our recovery community.

In 2020, with the effects of COVID-19 and the opioid crisis, I poured my heart into founding the Family Recovery Society of Canada, a nonprofit organization with the purpose to support the whole family to recover from the effects of substance misuse and intergenerational trauma.


Want to Show Your Support?

My passion is to help support people that struggle with mental health and addiction in their recovery process. My mission is to share my education and experience through YouTube, books and partnering with organizations such as Together We Can Addiction Recovery & Education Society to offer groups and workshops to the general public at no cost.  If you feel called to support me financially in my mission, I would gratefully accept donations in any amount to cover my personal costs for publishing, YouTube/podcast production, website management, Zoom and my ongoing and continued learning of how to help others in the most effective ways possible. I appreciate your consideration of supporting my mission of making a difference in the world for people that struggle with mental health and addiction. Here are some different ways you can choose to support my services. 

Click the Button Below to donate to my Professional PayPal Link, or email me at and let me know if you are interested in Monthly, Personal or Corporate Sponsorship. Thank you.

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