CCAC, Certified Addiction Counsellor

Addiction, Recovery and Mental Health Counselling is a unique skill set. As a Counsellor, I am here to listen, be a friend that has walked the path of recovery and share what I have learned. I am not here to judge, shame or blame my client for their addiction. I am here to help them recover. I encourage, empower and equip my clients to succeed in reaching their goals by believing in them and their ability to succeed. Sometimes, all my client needs is a place to talk openly about their process of change and have accountability in making healthy choices. Other times, my client may not yet have the awareness to know what they need, all they can see is the problem of addiction and they just know they need to stop coping in unhealthy ways. Occasionally, my client needs me to be the person that will have the courage to gently challenge and confront areas in their life where I see procrastination, manipulation, dishonesty and denial hindering their ability to make the changes they seek.When this is necessary, I do so with compassion, empathy and unconditional support. I am here to help them recover. 


To maintain recovery and mental health, one must learn to address, cope and redirect the thoughts and behaviours that lead to general feelings of anxiety, depression and substance misuse. That's where I can help. I support my clients to identify, acknowledge and prioritize self-care in their life. Self-care looks different for everyone, but basically it is identifying and acknowledging your own personal needs (physiological, safety, love and belonging, esteem and self-actualization) as important and then seeking to meet those needs. Sometimes that means setting healthy boundaries in relationships, addressing a lack of purpose in life or a learned helplessness. We may be powerless over addiction, but we are not helpless in making decisions to improve our lives. 

I help my clients gain the awareness, support and accountability necessary to move forward in the direction of feeling better about their life. Every one of my clients is different, with unique needs and life experiences and each person that comes to me as a client, is treated with empathy, kindness and respect. I am here to listen, support and share what I've learned about how to overcome addiction.  

Areas of Expertise

Addiction, Recovery & Mental Health

My Approach to Counselling

I am here to listen. To be a friend that has walked the path of recovery and is here to share what I've learned about staying sober under any and all conditions. I care deeply about supporting my client's ability to succeed in their path of sobriety, continued recovery and mental wellness. I would describe myself as an encouraging, kind and empathetic listener, but also kind enough to tell someone the truth about how their thinking and behaviour affects them and the people around them. This is because if left unaddressed, addiction and mental health have serious consequences for everyone involved.

As an Addictions Counsellor, I believe it is an important part of my role to have the courage to gently challenge and confront the thinking and behaviours that continue to impact my client's ability to remain sober and mentally well. I do this with kindness, empathy and compassion. My honest, caring feedback and observations are based on my education and experience and genuinely come from a place of truly wanting my clients to succeed. As I see it, sharing my truth is my job, in their life. 

This is the counsellor I strive to be within my personal sessions: 

  • Hold Space of unconditional positive regard for my client to determine their own path

  • Strengthen my client’s inner resources of self-awareness to resolve blocks to personal growth.

  • Place my client— as the expert on themselves —at the center of each session.

  • Acknowledge and celebrate the success in the present, while working towards continued success in the future.​

If you are ready and willing to make a change in your life, I truly believe i I have the education, experience and empathy to help you do that. For more information and feedback on Frances Stone, please check out the testimonials here.


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