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May 2012 - Comedy Mental Showcase 


Laughter Zone 101, Lafflines Comedy Club, New Westminster, BC 


Advocacy Timeline: Ending the Clawback of Child Support Payments from Parents on Social Assistance in British Columbia: 


Frances Stone, co-founded and served as Vice-President of The Single Mothers' Alliance BC, a grassroots non-profit community building, leadership and advocacy toolkit created and organized by single mothers for single mothers in BC, for one year. Within that year, we were able to organize, support and win ending the clawback of child support payments from single parents on social assistance in BC.


November 2013

The first time I ever told my story. First Call, Child Poverty Report Card, 2013 

December 2013
Daphne Bramham: The long climb out of poverty. 

This Christmas is a special one for Frances Stone and her three children. This year, they didn’t have to rely on charity. 


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August 2014 

Single Mothers Alliance of BC, a nonprofit organization, established in June, aims to advocate for, educate, and build a community of single moms.


October 2014 

“Isolation is the condition. Connection is the Cure.” 


This is a passionate speech I made sharing my lived experience about experiencing poverty and isolation as a mother. I spoke to stress the importance of providing funding for support groups for women and mothers struggling with isolation and poverty. It brings tears to my eyes remembering how afraid I was to tell my story, and how committed I was to my mission of correcting the wrongs I had experienced firsthand as a mother. 


After this speech, SMA was granted funding by Cause We Care Foundation of Vancouver, BC to conduct a listening project to gather, connect and meet the needs of single mothers in Vancouver, BC.  These are the moments that grew into the beautiful and supportive community of the Family Recovery Society of Canada. I speak at the 4min mark. 


Metro Vancouver Alliance - Municipal Accountability Assembly - Speaking on Social Isolation (@4 min mark)

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About Me - Family Pic.jpg

October, 2014:
The Fight: The Vancouver Sun: 'Single moms suing government over support payment claw back'


October 15th, 2014

The Tyee: 'Single Moms Sue BC.'



November 26th, 2014

Single Mothers' Alliance Co-Founder Frances Stone in the Tyee.


November 26th, 2014

Vancouver Sun: Hope After “The Big Meeting” 


June 22, 2015
We Won! 

First Call celebrated the BC government ending the clawback of child support from single parents on income and disability assistance. This reduced the depth of poverty for more than 5,400 BC children annually in September 2015.


More information on ending the clawback of child support payments from parents on social assistance in British Columbia:

Single Mothers’ Alliance of BC: READ HERE.
Vancouver Sun: READ HERE.


Podcast Interviews: 


November 2018

Talk Recovery Podcast — My Final Show. Co-Host Frances Stone shares her personal story and how Talk Recovery was started. Watch on Talk Recovery YouTube Channel.

Link to Listen, Apple Podcast


June 2020 (published February 2021)

Family Recovery Society Podcast : 

Celebrating 7 Years of Sobriety: My Story 

Link to Listen: Apple Podcast

September 2020, Seek Purpose Podcast, Seek Purpose in Motherhood with Frances Stone 


Frances Stone is an Addictions Counsellor, Author, and Founder of the non-profit organization Mother's Recovery Tribe (now Family Recovery Society of Canada). In this episode, she shares her story and we chat about recovery day, how mothers need support in their recovery and what policy changes could be made to further support those mothers that are struggling with addiction and recovery. If you are a mother in recovery join the tribe HERE.  

Link to Listen: Apple Podcast

December 2020

Podcast, Avalon Recovery Society Podcast: Frances Stone of Mother’s Recovery Society :

Link to Listen: Apple Podcast

August 26, 2020 - FEATURE, Sober Women Influencers That You Should Know

Frances Stone is the founder and board president of Mothers Recovery Society, a self-published author, former radio host of Talk Recovery Radio, a Canadian certified addictions counselor, and a mother of three. Frances walks us through her journey of recovery and what inspired her to create Mother's Recovery Society.


May 2, 2018, Global News

Why some New Westminster moms don’t want a project housing homeless women in their ‘hood


June 26, 2018 


"You don’t have to be afraid of homeless women. Everyone deserves a chance. Everyone is here because of a woman.”


June 27, 2018 

New Westminster council supports modular housing projects at a tense public hearing. 



April 2022

Frances Stone speaking on the Family Recovery Social


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