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Overcoming My Fear of Sharing

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

In this video, I am talking about how isolated, confused and ashamed I was when I was still struggling all by myself with addiction. At that time, I didn’t know how to ask for help or how to get sober. This is why I think it’s important to make our stories of recovery accessible to people. However, in 12 step programs of recovery, anonymity is a spiritual principle.

So this me talking about my fear of sharing my story and recovery “out loud” and how I have decided to share my story of recovery to help others that are struggling, while still striving to respect the traditions of my 12 step fellowship. I am sharing my story in this way because I believe it is my Higher Power’s will for me.

“To thine own self be true.”

I also talk a little about the popular topic of manifestation. About how I like to visualize and think about what I want in my life, but how I would have never chosen challenges, suffering and unspeakable grief for my life. But, those weaknesses have now become my greatest strengths. In recovery, I have been given the gift of being able to be myself. I hope and pray others find that gift as well.

I hope you enjoy this video of me talking about overcoming my fear of sharing my story. I am very grateful for everyone that engages and encourages me in sharing my education & experience by commenting, liking & subscribing to my YouTube channel. Your encouragement means a lot to me. I am very grateful for your support! Frances Stone CCAC #addiction #recovery #newwestminster #therapy

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