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Together We Can, TWC GALA

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

After recording the last video in September, I connected with my Higher Power by taking time off from making YouTube videos, giving myself a social media break and beginning to make significant changes in my career to prevent future burnout. These changes included partnering Family Recovery Society of Canada (the nonprofit organization I founded five years ago) with the nonprofit organization, Together We Can - Addiction Recovery & Education Society. At this time, I reached out to TWC for help organizing Christmas for the families in our community. Over Covid, with a lack of services for families, our organization had grown by 50% in members and needs. In recovery, when we are struggling, we learn to ask for help. That’s exactly what I did. I was so grateful TWC agreed to help partner with us at Christmas and give me the opportunity to speak at their annual TWC gala. At the event, I shared a little bit about the Family Recovery Society organization. How we had started as a Facebook group for mothers in recovery and grown to serve and support families in recovery across Canada. I talked about how being a parent in recovery can look different for different families, and what really matters is that our children are safe and know they are loved. I shared a bit about my personal story and how this beautiful community has supported me in being separated from my own children. And at my pride of the unique & specific Relapse Prevention programming, we were able to provide to our members during the pandemic with funding from Red Cross Canada. “What I have learned over Covid-19 is the importance of community. The most important aspect of our mental and emotional health, in the midst of crisis, and in everyday life, is truly each other. Within each of us, lies the inspiration and the hope, that we are not alone, hard times pass and we do recover.”

I hope you enjoy this video of me talking about Family Recovery Society of Canada at the TWC gala. I am very grateful for everyone that engages and encourages me in sharing my education & experience by commenting, liking & subscribing to my YouTube channel. Your encouragement means a lot to me. I am very grateful for your support! Frances Stone CCAC #addiction #recovery

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